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SOLEX AGRO is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the supply of frozen fruits, mushrooms, nuts and cereals to various customers, including the medical field, where these products are used as components in pharmaceuticals. 

Also fruits, nuts and grains are a way of healthy living and lifestyle. SOLEX AGRO hasn’t stop here and go far ahead opening a new horizon for its business where it can provide a much wider support with a range of medical solutions for the healthcare sector.


With its healthcare initiative, SOLEX AGRO supplies its customers worldwide with medical equipment along with healthy nutrition. The company cooperates with all health professionals and adjusts the offer according to their needs. In order to meet global demand, SOLEX AGRO cooperates with top medical brands from Europe and the USA. It is very important for us to offer only high quality equipment and service.

SOLEX AGRO cooperates with all health-related businesses,starting from health centers (biohacking centers, small clinics, wellness centers, etc.) to hospitals and medical institutes. Our company has experience in supplying medical equipment all over the world with full support and customer care. One of our biggest partners is world-known  company METRUM CRYOFLEX.

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